AdBlock vs Adblock Plus – Which one is the best?

When it comes to Ad blocking tools or extensions, AdBlock and Adblock Plus (ABP) are two prominent names that you will hear over and over again. Both these ad-blocking extension does a really great job in blocking unsafe advertisement to make your internet surfing better and safe at the same time.

Both AdBlock and Adblock Plus comes with great features to eliminate ads to deliver a better experience. But still, there are some tool-specific features and options that might be available in one and not in the other. In this article, we will compare both AdBlock and Adblock Plus to see which one is the best ad blocking tool available as of now.

AdBlock vs Adblock Plus

After reading the AdBlock vs Adblock Plus comparisson article, you will be able to take a final decision on which one to go with to block all sorts of unsafe and unhealthy advertisements.

Why use Adblocker?

As you might already know, the majority of websites on the Internet relies on Advertisements to find revenue and sustain the website itself. A lot of good websites serve unintrusive and clean advertisements which is acceptable. But on the other hand, there are tons of websites up on the Internet with intrusive malware like ads, adware, etc. It makes really hard for us to use the Internet with these sort of ads.

Pop up ads, pop-under ads, full-screen ads, intrusive video playback ads, annoying survey ads, etc are few intrusive ads that ruin our experience altogether. This is where Adblock software comes into play. These tools will help us to block advertisements of this sort and keep everything safe. AdBlock and Adblock Plus are browser extensions that you can install on your Web browser to remove ads and adware.

AdBlock vs Adblock Plus – Which is better?

We will go through different aspects like how good it performs on blocking ads, features, design, the information it shows, and the overall performance itself.


Both these Adblock extensions are available for a number of popular web browsers. Find the detailed list below.

AdBlock – Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge

Adblock Plus – Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera, Yandex and Samsung Internet Browser

When it comes to supported platforms and web browsers, Adblock Plus has support for more browsers. But both the extensions support leading browsers like Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.


Take a look at the user interface of both the extensions when installed on Google Chrome web browser


AdBlock Review

Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus Review

Ad Blocking Performance

The primary thing that we need to be concerned about while looking for an adblocking extension is how good is it at blocking ads. After all, we are using an adblocker to block intrusive ads, right?

When it comes to ad blocking, both AdBlock and Adblock Plus does a great job in finding and removing intrusive ads without any issue. The performance was pretty much similar and did not find a difference here. There might be some time difference, but personally, I did not feel any notable difference at all.

So, long story short, both the extensions will work for you when it comes to adblocking. Ads on YouTube, popup ads, intrusive display banners, floating video ads, etc were removed by both extensions. At times, certain features of some websites won’t work when the Adblocker is enabled. So you might want to go ahead and whitelist that specific website to access full features.

Whitelist options

It’s true that there are tons of websites that show crappy ads that ruin the user experience but do not forget the fact that there good number of genuine websites with acceptable ads that are not at all intrusive too. This is where Whitelist options come into play. This option will let you disable adblocker on specific websites of your choice.

As mentioned earlier, the majority of websites find their revenue solely from ads only and if you visit a website regularly and if the ads are not intrusive or do not affect the user experience then I suggest you to whitelist that website on Adblocker so that the website owner makes some revenue.

Being a website owner myself, I do not use ad blockers of any sort as I know it affects the revenue of other website owners as well. If you feel a website genuinely deserves to be whitelisted then go ahead do it.

Both AdBlock and Adblock Plus comes with the option to whitelist websites. Both of them works like a charm and nothing to worry about.

Filter Settings

Filter settings are similar to the whitelist option but you can specify more options so that ads only appear partially on the specified website. AdBlock will help you to partially hide ads on websites and also hide parts of the webpage itself. For me, the filter settings of AdBlock felt a bit more promising as it gives you some advanced control and not just a simple website whitelisting option.

Smartphone Support

Both AdBlock and Adblock Plus has support for smartphone OS like Android and iOS. If you use your smartphone to browse the web and often come across lots of crappy ads, then make sure to use either of these adblocker apps on your smartphone to get rid of them easily.

Final Verdict

Both AdBlock and Adblock Plus are two really great ad blocking extensions for Google Chrome and other leading web browsers. Choosing between both might be a little challenging as some options are present in one and the other miss out on something.

If you are about to make a decision, both AdBlock and Adblock Plus are great and comes with powerful ad block engines that will block all sort of annoying ads and adware and makes your Internet browsing experience even better.

Adblocking wise both of them perform really well but when it comes to whitelisting and filtering options, AdBlock has a little edge over Adblock Plus.

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