8 Best Discord Music Bots to Play Music In Your Server

One of the best features in Discord is the ability to extend and add different functions with the help of bots. There are tons of bots that you can use with Discord. Here, in this article, you will find the Best Discord Music Bots that are fully free and works like a charm.

We had already shared a list of Best Discord Bots and Discord Voice Changer apps earlier. Bots in discord will help us to automate lots of stuff and reduce the burden of admins and moderators.

best discord music bots

What is Discord Music Bot?

Once added, Music Bots for Discord will play specified music or songs in the background while the server participants are chatting. This is a nice touch to have in your own Discord Server and to make the experience much better. You could add and play music according to the theme of your Discord Server. The best part of these bots is that they play the music in the background without any interruptions on ongoing chatting.

Best Discord Music Bots in [year]

Below you will find the list Discord Bots that you can use right now. In order to add it to your Discord server, all you have to do is just click on the Invite button from the official website of the music bot for Discord.

1. Groovy

groovy music bot for discord

Groovy is the first Discord Music bot on our list. Groovy is a feature-rich bot to automatically play music in your Discord server. One of the best things about this particular bot is the fact that it is lag-free. It doesn’t matter how many people or participants are there in the server, the bot will work without any hiccups.

Groovy supports almost all leading audio streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, etc. You can directly play music from these services on your discord server. Some of the features in this bot is locked for premium users only, in that case, you might want to go with premium plans.

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2. Fredboat

fredboat for discord

This Music bot for Discord comes with support for YouTube, SoundCloud, Twitch, etc. It also supports direct music links as well. You can directly play music from any aforementioned services in just a single click.

The search option in Fedboat lets you find music from providers by searching it directly, this way you are not always required to copy the link and then use it. The playlist option makes it easy for you to play a set of music one by one without manually adding each and every song.

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3. Rythm

rythm music bot

Rythm is yet another popular Discord music bot. Like any other bots in the list, it also supports multiple music services and platforms. But there is one thing that makes it different from any other music bots and that is the support for real-time lyrics of the music being played.

Commands are really simple and wouldn’t take long for you to learn. Adding it to your server is also simple and can be just done in a single click. Rythm web dashboard lets admin play and control music from their web interface that’s also a nice touch to have.

Rythm is already being used by more than 10 million Discord server.

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4. ErisBot

ErisBot is a great music bot for discord to play music in the background. Similar to Rythm, ErisBot lets you configure your own custom prefix for commands. All you need is the music link and you are all good to go. Just specify the link and service provider and the bot will instantly start to play the music.

Just click on the link below and authorize the bot to your server in order to add it. It takes less than a minute. And once you are used to it, things will be very simple and control music and settings with commands.

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5. Vexera

Vexera is a music bot for Discord that comes with free as well as paid versions, The free version itself serves the purpose pretty well. But if you need advanced control like the ability to control volume, bass, etc then you might want to consider the premium version of the bot.

It supports multiple streaming services and can be easily used within your Discord server. Use the link given below to add it to your server now. At the time of writing this article, Vexera is already live on 300,000+ servers.

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6. 24/7

24/7 discord bot music

If you are looking for a Music bot for Discord that will play the music all day long then 24/7 is something you are looking for. You can specify the details of the song and it will keep on playing it day and night. Once setup you no need to configure it over again to play the next set of songs.

24/7 comes in both free as well as paid options. If you want advanced controls and options then you might want to subscribe the pro version which comes with a host of features to elevel up the game. Altogether a good music bot for Discord to use.

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7. Tony Bamanaboni XD

Tony Bamanaboni XD

Tony Bamanaboni XD is little from other bots on the list for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it has all the features like the ability to play music from streaming services such as Spotify, YouTube, etc. But a lot of premium-like features are completely free in this bot. For example, the ability to adjust volume, bass, modify the output, etc are actually restricted to premium versions only in some other bots. But when it comes to Tony Bamanaboni XD, you can do all this stuff easily and that too for free. If you want that Equalizer apps like feature then this got you covered.

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8. MEE6

mee6 music bot discord

MEE6 is just more than a moderation tool. MEE6 actually comes with a really nice music player that will help you to play music in the background on your Discord server. Another interesting part about this particular music bot is that you can queue playlist from online providers like YouTube. SoundCloud, etc. This makes adding music to your server extremely easy and hassle-free.

MEE6 Music Bot

How to Add Music Bot to Discord?

The method to add music bots to Discord might differ from bot to bot. Visit the bot’s official webpage to know more about adding it to your Discord server.

It’s always nice to have a music bot on yuot Discord server to play musics in the background all time. The initial setup takes no more than 5 minutes and once you are used to it with the commands next onwards you can play favoritesongs or tracks of yours in a single click. Every music bots for discord mentioned in this article comes free with option paid versions.

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