8 Best Kodi Repositories That Works [Hand Picked]

If you want to enhance the functions of Kodi, you will have to install addons and for that, first, you need to find a reliable and good Kodi Repository. There are tons of addons available and finding a good one is a tough task.

You can easily extend the functionalities and add features to Kodi by adding an addon for different needs. It is one of the best media centers with support for movies, music, videos, games, etc.

Best Kodi Repositories Of All Time

After going through tons of Kodi Repositories, we have picked the best repositories and you can find the list below.

It is always advised that you use a VPN like NordVPN while using Kodi as lots of addons might not be available in your location or to bypass geo-restrictions.

Why use Kodi Repositories?

In simple terms, Kodi Repository can be considered as a store like an app store or play store where users can find tons of apps for their smartphone. Similar is the case with Kodi. Here, Kodi Repositories act as the app store and you could find tons of add-ons to extend the functionalities.

There are tons of Kodi repos available on the Internet but finding one with a good number of add-ons is a challenging task. You are not required to go through every other Kodi repository to find the addon you are looking for, as we have already compiled the list of Best Kodi Repository in [year].

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Best Kodi Repositories To Use In [year]

Do note that the links given below are not clickable. You are required to copy and paste the URL in order to access the repository.

1. Kodi Repository (Official)

In this list, I am listing the official repo by Kodi itself. This is the official Kodi Repository and can be accessed by going to Kodi > Add-ons and then Download.

The Official Kodi Repository

This repo contains tons of quality addons that are 100 percent legal and safe to use. The Kodi team ensures that all the add-ons available on the repo is of great use and works like a charm. You could find some popular addons like SoundCloud, PopcornFlix, Crackle, Twitch, Plex, and a lot more in the official Kodi Repo.

If you are looking for the official Kodi repository then this is the place. Even though it is the official repository of Kodi, the number add-ons might be lower when compared to some other repositories mentioned below. If this repo is not able to satisfy your needs then you might want to go ahead and check other Kodi Repos.

Highlighted Addons in Official Kodi Repository

  • TwitchPlex
  • SoundCloud
  • DMBC
  • Popcorn Flix
  • iPlayer WWW
  • Crackle

Visit Kodi Repository by navigating to Kodi > Add-ons > Download

2. Super Repo

With over 1700 addons, Super Repo could be considered as one of the largest and most popular Kodi repositories with almost all addons you will ever need. Out of these 1700 addons, almost 1000 of them are dedicated specially for entertainment content including video addons.

Super Repo Kodi Repository

Super Repo also has many other sub-repositories as well. One thing I liked the most is that everything is well arranged and categorized, so you won’t find it difficult to find the addon you are looking for.

This Kodi Repository is a popular one used by thousands of people in the United States, Australia, the UK, and many other countries.

Highlighted Addons in Super Repo Kodi Repository

These are some popular addons that can be found in the repo and freely install it easily.

  • DramaGo
  • Specto Fork
  • SkyNet
  • FilmOn

Visit https://srp.nu/

3. TVAddons Repository

One of the main features of TVAddons Repository is that you can install any addon available in GitHub, all thanks to the Git Browser addon. This is one of the most used repositories at the time of writing this article.

TVAddons Repository

This particular repo was attacked by many groups for adding pirated and copyrighted contents. It even went offline for some time but now it is live and can be accessed by anyone easily. If entertainment is your primary criteria then you must checkout TVAddons Repository.

Highlighted Addons in TVAddons Kodi Repository

  • UFO TV
  • USTV Now
  • Jango
  • Mr.Bean
  • Film On Simple

Visit TVAddons Repository at http://fusion.tvaddons.co/

4. Kodil Repo

Kodil Repo is yet another outstanding repo for Kodi with tons of Addons for almost all needs. You can find addons for movies, news, cartoons, channels, etc. And the best thing here is that you can watch live shows, games and even movies.

Kodil Kodi Repository

All add-ons available in this particular repo are arranged alphabetically which makes it easier for users to easily find addons and also discover new ones.

You can get the Kodil Repository by visiting the link given above.

Highlighted Addons in Kodil Repository

  • Placenta
  • 123 Movies
  • StreamHub
  • Covenant
  • Elysium
  • Peaky Blinders
  • ExodusFox Sports
  • Nemesis

Get Kodil Repo at https://github.com/kodil/kodil/tree/master/repo/repository.kodil

5. Diamond Wizard

If you are looking for a Kodi Repository to find add-ons related to live tv, movies, music, and videos then Diamond Wizard is for you. It is also to be noted that Diamond Wizard is a little bit late to the party and can be considered as one of the newest Kodi repo out there.

Diamond Wizard Kodi Repository

You can also find a good number of addons for documentaries and old movies related content as well.

Highlighted Addons in Diamond Wizard Repository

  • Cartoon Network
  • Big Toons
  • YouTube
  • Best British Comedy
  • The USS Defiant

Access Diamond Wizard at https://repo.rubyjewelwizard.com/

6. KodiBae

In KodiBae, you can find some highly popular add-ons like Covenant and Exodus. A number of other popular and useful addons are also available in the repo. KodiBae is fairly new to the industry but does a great job.

KodiBae Repository

9Anime and cCloud Tv are other popular addons available on the repo. It is freely available and add the repository to Kodi to get most out of it.

Highlighted Addons in KodiBae Repository

  • cCloud TV
  • Exodus
  • Covenant
  • 9Anime
  • SportsDevil

Access KodiBae at https://lazykodi.com

7. Kodi EzzerMacs Repo

Kodi EzzerMacs Repo is a great Kodi Repository with tons of addons for streaming your favorite content on Kodi. The user interface is pretty straight forward and contains addons like DeathStar, Medusa, and The Magic Dragon video.


Highlighted Addons in EzzerMacs Repository

  • DeathStar
  • Medusa
  • The Magic Dragon video

Access Kodi EzzerMacs Repo at http://ezzer-mac.com/repo

Updated Kodi Repo List

These are some of the best Kodi Repositories that you can find right now. All of them are available as of now and use it to find your favorite addon right away. We will surely update the article as soon as we find one, so check it out later.

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