7 Best PS3 Emulators for PC and Android (Working) 2022

Looking for Best PS3 Emulator for Windows or Android to play PS3 Games on your PC/Smartphone, then continue reading the article.

You will definitely need PS3 Emulator if you are looking forward to play Play Station Games on your PC running any version of Windows like Windows 10/8.1/8/7 or even XP. Finding a good PS3 Emulator that can handle almost all the supported games will be hard for you. There are tons of Emulators on the internet for this matter. But the fact is that the majority of them won’t support all the games that we need to play. So, we have compared the Best Play Station Emulator for PC and prepared a list from which you can easily download them and start playing PS3 Games today itself.

Uncharted 3, GTA V, Minecraft, The last of us, etc are some popular Play Station games that a lot of people play. Some of these games are 100% exclusive to Play Station only and you won’t be able to get your hands on to the game on your PC. This is where PS3 Emulators comes into play. Today in this article, you will find the list of Best and Top Rated PS3 Emulator for Windows PC that is 100% Free and works like a charm.

best ps3 emulators for pc

What is PS3 Emulator?

PS3 stands for Play Station 3 and PS3 Emulator are gaming emulators that will help us to play PS3 games on our PC or Laptop. Not all games will have both PC as well as PS3 Editions. Some games will be only available for PCs while some others will only be available for gaming consoles like the Play Station. Let’s say that you want to play a game that is only available on the Play Station platform but you don’t have a Play Station gaming console with you, what will you do? Does this mean that you can’t play the game at all? Well, No, with the help of PS3 Emulators mentioned below we can play pretty much any Play Station games on our PC in a jiffy.

Recently, we have also shared a list of Best XBox Emulators so that you can play Xbox games on your PC without having the need to won an Xbox.

PS3 Emulators creates a virtual Play Station ecosystem in your PC that can run any PS games smoothly. It uses your PC’s CPU, GPU and RAM as resources and everything will work fine. Be sure to update your Graphics driver to the latest version for the best result.

This way we are not required to buy a dedicated gaming console just as to play PS Exclusive games, instead you can play them right in your personal computer or Laptop. If you want to play games like PUBG Mobile on PC or Call of Duty Mobile on PC then find the best emulators for them, too.

Best PS3 Emulators 28th September 2022 – Windows and Android

Below you will find the ultimate list of best ps3 emulator for PC. you can go through them one by one and find the one that suits your needs. After downloading any emulator if it fails to work in your PC then try downloading other emulators in the list and enjoy your gameplay.

1. RPCS3

As of now, RPCS3 is the best PS3 Emulator that is available for both Windows and Linux platforms. It is a 100% free and open source project and as part of that, anyone can download the emulator for free from their website and start using it. It is widely used by thousands of PS3 fans all around the globe. RPCS3 is still in the developmental stage and you might experience some sort of bugs or stability issues while using the emulator but even then it is one of the best emulators for PS3 so far and that is the reason why I included this emulator on the top of the list.

rpcs3 ps3 emulator for pc

RPCS3 supports almost 60% of total Play Station games as of now and the developers of the emulator are trying hard to include new games in every new update. As the simulator is still in the development stage you can expect a new update frequently than any other emulators in the list. It supports a plethora of different Play Station games without any hiccups and they even have an active community, too. If you have any problem with the emulator then you can visit the RPCS3 Forum or community and get your problem solved easily.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • CPU Any x64 capable processor
  • GPU OpenGL 4.3 compatible or greater
  • 2GB RAM
  • OS Windows 7/8/10 64-bit / Linux 64-bit / BSD 64-bit

Download RPCS 3

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2. ESX PS3 Emulator

ESX PS3 is another great emulator that will help us to run Play Station Games on our PC with enhanced graphics and system options. It is one of the most used PS3 Emulators and works great. Still, it is not a 100% perfect emulator for that matter. People face crash issues and compatibility issues with the emulators occasionally so keep that in mind. Some of the highlighted features of ESX PS3 emulators are Enhanced Graphics performance, Smooth PS3 gameplay on PC without compromising with gaming performance and the ability to support multiple PS3 exclusive titles easily.

esx ps3 emulator

As of now, this is available for Windows only with really low system specs. So, if you are having a low-end computer, even then this should work fine. ESX Emulator for Windows will easily support many PS3 games like EA Sports FIFA, Ace Combat, Alien Isolation, etc easily without any problem at all. But some newly released games are not on the list yet, but maybe they will add those in the next update. It is 100% Free and you can download the installer from their official website.

Minimum System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 or above
  • 2.5 GHz Intel/AMD Processor or higher with SSE3.
  • AMD/NVIDIA/Intel Direct X 10 GPU with 1GB of Memory and Pixel shader model 3.0
  • 2GB RAM

Download ESX PS3 Emulator for PC

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3. Mednafen

Looking for a stable PS3 Emulator for Windows that can handle pretty much all the latest and old PS3 platform games easily? Meet Mednafen. Mednafen is yet another Free and easy to use PS3 Emulator for PC. As of now, this is available only on the Windows platform, but if you are on the Linux platform then you should try using the first emulator given in the article, RPCS3. Mednafen is easy to configure and you can easily map your keys in the keyboard or Joystick. Both keyboard and Joysticks can be used as the controller and you can adjust the sensitivity, speed, and key shortcuts easily within the emulator itself.

mednafen ps3 emulator for pc

Apart from PS3 Games, it supports a number of other platform games including GBA Games, Nintendo console Games


4. Bizhawk

Bizhawk is the 4th best PS3 emulator in the lost. As many other emulators mentioned in this article Bizhawk is also 100% free and open source. If you are looking for a lag-free PS3 gaming experience on your PC then this is something that you need to consider. Apart from PS3 and PS4 games, it supports a number of other games for other platforms like Nintendo, GBA Advance, etc. And for the same reason, it can be called an all in one gaming emulator for PC. Hotkey mapping and LUA scripting are supported in this emulator and support a good number of different games made for the PlayStation 3 platform.

bizhawk ps3 emulator for pc

5. Play Station NOW

Play Station Now cannot be considered as a PS3 Emulator but a cloud-based online game streaming service that will help you to play Playstation 4, PS3, PS2 games on your PC. Both the PS3 Emulator and Play Station Now do exactly the same, lets you play Playstation games on PC. When it comes to PlayStation Now, it is a Premium subscription model option but you can get 30 days trial to test and see if it worth it. You will need a high-speed Internet connection in order to play PS4 on this cloud-based online gaming streaming service from SONY itself.

playstation now online game streaming

It supports hundreds of Games on-demand ready to play. Triple-A title games like PUBG, COD, etc. You can visit the Play Station store to find more interesting games exclusive to the Play Station gaming console.

PlayStation Now


If you are planning to play some amazing PSP games on your Android smartphone, then PPSSPP is the one that you should be using. PPSSPP can be considered as one of the most used PS3 Emulatofr for Android. PPSSPP is available on the Google Play Store with millions of downloads and one million plus reviews already.

ppsspp psp emulator

For review purpose, i personally tried using the app and it worked great. There was no lag whatsoever. The gameplay experince was buttery smoooth. You will find no problem in paying game or using the app if you have a modern day smartphone with decent specifications.

If you want to play PS3 games on your ANdroid smartphone, just use the download link below to get PPSSPP from Google Play Store.


7. EmuPs3-Ps3 Emulator Project

EmuPs3 is ayet another high performance PS3 Emulator for Android. This particular emulator is available on the Google Play Store. If you have an Android smartphone or tablet, you can easily download this emulator and play your favorite PS3 game with ease.

EmuPs3 emulator

At the time of writing this article, .bin, .mdf, .pbp, .iso, .toc, .cbn, .m3u, zip, .img, .cue, 7z formats are supported without any issue. But do note that games which comes as .ecm images won’t support on this emulator.


Final Words

These are some amazing PS3 and PS4 Emulators that will let us play PS3 Games smoothly on our PC or Laptop easily. The emulators given in this article are for Windows and Linux platforms. Overall, RPCS3 can be considered as one of the best PS3 Emulator that you can go with. Using these Emulators, you can easily save money on buying expensive Gaming Consoles and at the same time enjoy games that are exclusively available on those particular platforms. I will surely update this article when new Emulators pops up.

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