9 Best Survey Bypass Tools & Survey Remover Tools

Online Surveys are always a headache for almost all Internet Users out there. As a remedy to this problem, Survey Remover Tools are introduced to Bypass Survey with ease in a matter of few clicks. In this article, you will find the list of Best Survey Bypass Tools and Survey Bypass Extension to skip or get rid of any sort of survey next time.

Surveys are really annoying and we are required to fill in a complete form to go to the requested page/content. Most of the time, these surveys will ask us for personal confidential details like Primary Mobile Number, Email, Address, etc. Giving these kinds of sensitive pieces of information to untrusted websites is a risk. Once you fill out the form and got the content you are looking for, the very next thing that is going to happen is SPAMMING!

best survey bypass tools

They will start sending you Emails, SMS, and even phone calls. Your Email will become a huge junk and annoying SMS are also really irritating. This is why we should never ever give our personal Email or Mobile Number to any unauthentic websites as they will surely spam us. Furthermore, they will be using different Email ID every time, and blocking them is not gonna work either. Always make sure to use a disposable phone number and disposable email

Best Survey Bypass Tools

1. Survey Bypass

On top of the list, we have SurveyBypass.com which is a simple site that helps us to get rid of any sort of survey from some popular sites like FileIce and Sharecash. The user interface is simple and straight forward. You are not required to pay anything in order to use the site but to keep the site up and running they display ads that are not annoying at all.

bypass survey website

To Bypass a survey from any website, all you have to do is, just copy the URL of the particular page and then go to the Survey Bypass website and paste it there. Be sure to tick on option “Encrypt URL”, “Allow Cookies”, “Remove Objects” and “Remove Scripts”. After that press the Go button and wait for a while. After hitting the GO button the survey webpage will be opened within a browser interface in Survey Bypass without Survey and you can access your content over there.


2. ShareCash Downloader

sharecash downloader survey bypass

This is a website that is exclusively dedicated to ShareCash surveys only. If you are looking to download a file from Sharecash website then this tool is for you. Unlike the Survey Bypass website, this is not a website but a tool that you need to download in your Windows PC to skip surveys. The portable application package is lightweight and only fee MBs in size.

Once downloaded, open the ShareCash Survey Killer application and paste the Sharecash page URL there. Now, click on the bypass button and wait for a few seconds until the survey is bypassed. After the process is done, you can easily download the requested file without a survey.


3. Survey Remover

survey bypass

Surveyremover.com is a web-based survey removing application that works with almost all leading javascript used survey sites. The site will intelligently eliminate all the survey elements from a particular page then shows you the download link or the content itself.

You can visit the website and insert the survey link there. The process is fairly simple and straight forward. Wait for a few seconds and BOOM, the website will do the magic for you while you can sit back and relax. Make sure that you have turned on the Javascript engine in your browser for the smooth working of the application.


4. XJZ Survey Remover

XJZ is a popular Chrome Browser Extension to remove and bypass surveys from every website. If you are tired of filling never-ending application forms then XJZ Survey Remover is for you. You can install this extension in your Google Chrome Browser from the Chrome Web Store. After installing just visit any survey website and click on the survey Remover icon from the top bar, next to the address bar to remove the survey.

xjz survey remover chrome extension

Make sure that you are using the Google Chrome Web Browser. If you are not already having Chrome installed on your PC, then download it from their official website and install the extension over there to get rid of surveys.

You can find another Survey Remover Extension for Firefox below.


5. Survey Smasher

Survey Smasher is another application based Survey Killer for Windows. This is pretty similar to the second program mentioned in the list and is easy to use. Just download the portable package and open it up, you are not required to do any installations. Once opened paste the survey link and select the necessary option according to the site you chose to go with.

This tool is only available for Windows and if you are having some other OS like Linux or macOS, then this won’t work for you. If you are on Linux, then you can try running it via Wine Application Loader and it might work for you.


6. Redirect Bypasser

Similar to XJZ Survey Remover for Chrome, Redirect Bypasser is a simple and effective survey Remover tool for Firefox./ It comes as a Firefox extension and you can install it within the browser to skip the surveys. It has support for multiple websites with surveys.

If you are having a Firefox browser installed on your PC then you are all good to go. So go ahead and download the extension from Firefox Extension Repo and install it.

7. Survey Remover PRO

surveym remover online

Another application based survey remover for Windows, which gets the job done easily. Survey Remover Pro has support for tons of surveys and PPD sites like Sharecash, Dollaruploads, Fileice, Filelocker, etc. If you are struggling to complete a survey to download a file then you must have a look at the Pro Survey Remover for Windows.

Download the application from the link below and then start using it to remove the survey from almost all websites. The main aim of this application is to let you download the full version of any software without even having the need to pay anything.


8. All in one Survey Bypasser

All in one Survey remover is yet another survey remove the software. It is 100% Free, safe and secure to use the application. Copy the link address of a particular website’s survey that you want to bypass and then open the software. Paste the link in the application and wait until it bypasses the survey and fetches and alternate link for you to download the file.

This application can be downloaded from its official website and works like a charm. It has support for a good number of websites and this one is enough for multiple websites with a survey.

9. ScriptSafe

scriptsafe survey remover

Scripsafe is a browser extension that is available for Google Chrome. You can go to the Chrome Web Store and install it right now. It is an extension that will remove all the scripts from a particular website. If the survey is added to a site via Javascript or something which is hiding the actual download link then extensions can help you in bypassing the survey and view the content or download for free without completing the survey.


Which is the Best Tool to Bypass Online Surveys?

Next time around, if you are stuck with any sort of survey, be sure to use these Survey Bypassing Tools and Survey Remover tools to reach the destination page or content easily without any hassle. I know, Surveys are really annoying and et up a lot of quality time of ours. The biggest problem of filling a survey is that they will spam us with hundreds of false Emails and SMS which won’t make any sense to us. If you do not want to use the websites then the best option is to install the Browser extension, let the extension be there in your browser, and next time when you see a survey, all you have to do is just click on the extension and bypass survey easily.

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