Best Image Compressor without Quality Loss | 250KB to 57KB

There are lots of situation where we are required to compress Images or Photos to reduce the size. Especially, If you are a website owner or blogger then you really will understand the importance of compressing an Image before uploading it to your site. Not just bloggers or Website owners, but this guide is gonna every single one of you who are looking to reduce the size of the Image you have without affecting the quality at all. Image Compressor are simple web-based tools that will help you in reducing the size of images without affecting the quality.

There are many software, websites, and services that are available to quickly compress Images, But not all of them works in the same format. For example, Some websites compress Images but the quality will be reduced. but, we want the quality to be preserved while and after compressing the Images. This is the exact reason why I am writing this article today.

Compress Images Without Loosing Quality

I have tried a few services both Online Websites, Softwares and Google Chrome Extensions to Compress Images, And today, here I am sharing some of the best services that you could be used to compress images the very next time when you wanted to. So, without wasting any more time, let’s get started.

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Compress Images without Losing Quality with Image Compressor

Here are a few methods to compress images without losing quality easily.

I will be sharing the list of some useful software for computer and Laptop along with some Android App that also let us to easily compress our images into small-sized files without losing quality at all.

Using Online Tools

For Online Image Compressing I’m Using This is a Website which helps us to compress images without losing quality.
Step 1: First, Go to
Step 2: Now click on the Add Button and Add the Image you want to Compress
Step 3: Adjust the Compressing Level using the Adjust tool above the Upload Image tab.
Step 4: Now click on the Compress Now button.
Compress Images Online

Wait for it to Compress the Image.

Step 5: Once the Compressing Process is completed, click on the Download button to Download the Compressed Image.

Download Compressed Images

You can also see How much Size is Compressed and other Basic Details.


You can adjust the slider given above and increase or decrease the quality and size of the images further up or down. Let’s say that you want the size of the images to be below 50KB, but somewhere near there. Then this slider is definitely gonna help you.

Image Compressor

In this section, we will be using an Image Compressor with advanced controls. You can decide what sort of compression to do and how the size should be reduced, etc. In the method we discussed earlier, we were only able to adjust the slider to control quality but in this tool, we have controls like Lossy compression, Lossless compression, etc. It works well with almost all popular image formats. If you convert PNG image then the transparency will be lost (if any) So, keep that in mind.

  • Go to this website
  • Firstly, upload the image to the site using the upload button
  • Once uploaded, you can see various options like Compression method, Image quality, Compression type, Resize Image.

image compressor

  • Select Compression Method as Lossless, Image quality of your wish and Normal compression type. If you want to resize the image into any particular resolution then be sure to change that value as well.
  • Once you have configured the required settings, click on the compress images button.
  • After the compression is done, you can easily download it to your computer and start using it right away

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Now that we have discussed a website which allows us to compress photos, let’s check some good alternatives to compress images.


You can try any of the site mentioned above and get your job done. If any of the site mentioned above goes done or doesn’t get it right for you, then you can easily go with the other sites mentioned in the article itself.

Windows Software to Compress Images

Here is the list of some Softwares especially for Windows that helps to Compress Images. This software supports a wide variety of different extensions and formats of Images and you should consider these tools if you prefer converting images Offline. If you want to do it online, then use the above-mentioned website and their alternatives as well.

  Trimage    ImageOptin

  IrfanView     GimpShop

Android Apps to Compress Images

Below mentioned are some Android Apps that will come really handy when you want to Compress Images next time. Have a look at them. If you want to convert images from your Android Device then these apps are definitely going to help you. Similarly, you can also try some alternative apps to Image Compressors mentioned below and try them as well.

Photo Compress 2.0  Photo & Picture Resizer

Below, I am also sharing some WordPress plugins that will help you to compress images directly in your website.

Bonus – WordPress Plugins to Compress Images

If you are a blogger or website owner having a website created with WordPress, then here is the list of some quality WordPress Plugins that helps us to compress Images while or after uploading it your website. These Plugins will optimize images to optimum settings better size-quality ratio without increasing the overall website load time.

Hope these WP Plugins to compress images helps you.


So, guys, this is how we compress Images without reducing the quality of any Images. The guide mentioned above covers pretty much all major Image Formats that are used as the standard. So, you won’t find it difficult to compress them fastly. I have shared more than 15+ different working services including Web sites, Tools, and Extensions to reduce the size of the image without affecting the quality. If anyone of the websites mentioned above doesn’t get it right for you, then you can easily go with the other service or website mentioned in this article itself and you are all good to go. Hope you guys found this article useful, if yes, be sure to share it with your friends and also comment down below if you have any doubts.

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