17 Best Discord Plugins [For BetterDiscord]

This is the ultimate list of popular and best Discord Plugins to use in BetterDiscord

Did you know that you can use plugins on Discord? Well, with the help of BetterDiscord, you can install Discord Plugins and extend the functionalities and features offered. In this article, you will find the list of the best and popular Discord Plugins used by thousands of people.

A lot of you might be using various Discord Bots to enhance your server like voice changer, music bots, etc but not a lot of people are actually aware of Discord plugins. Discord plugins are add-ons for Discord that help you in adding more features that are not available in the original Discord.

If you are new to BetterDiscord Plugins, this article covers everything in detail. You will find how to use Discord Plugins and the list of plugins you should be using to power boost your server.

Discord Plugins

What is a Discord Plugin?

For starters, Discord Plugins are something more than a regular bot. We have tons of bots available for various purposes like playing music in the background, etc. But plugins are entirely different from bots.

BetterDiscord comes with support for using custom themes and plugins. We can download and install community custom-made plugins in a few clicks.

A plugin is simple a add-on that you can add to Discord to add additional features. You may use various plugins for things like sending long messages, showing Spotify player controls, enable hidden controls, and more.

How to Install Discord Plugins?

Once you have selected a plugin to install, you can follow the step by step guide to install it on Discord.

Do note that you want BetterDiscord in order to install Discord Plugins. So first of all, go to the BetterDiscord guide and install the same on your computer. Once done, you can follow the steps below to get the plugin installed.

  • Open Discord and head over to Settings
  • From the lower left bottom section, click on the Plugins option
  • Click on Open Plugin Folder
Install Discord Plugin
  • Now, you need to drag and drop the downloaded Discord Plugin’s JSON file to the folder.
  • Come back to the plugin’s section and simply toggle it on to enable the plugin
  • Now refresh Discord and the plugin will be in action.

Best BetterDiscord Plugins to use in 2022

Below given are some popular plugins for Discord. Once downloaded you can easily add plugins to Discord in a couple of clicks.

1. Show Hidden Controls


One of the most popular Discord plugins is ShowHiddenControls. This plugin basically lets you gain access to hidden channels in Discord. Due to role restrictions, there may be hidden channels. You won’t be able to access them but with the help of this plugin, you can see which all are the channels.

Using this cool Discord Plugin, you can view all hidden channels and view channel details overview as well. But the thing is you won’t be able to view messages and send messages on the server. The only thing you can do is just know which all are the hidden channels and basic details regarding the same.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 72,000

2. Call Time Counter

Call Time Recorder

This is yet another interesting Discord plugin that will let you know how long you have been in a call. If you are someone who engages in a lot of voice calls on Discord then this plugin will be useful for you. Once installed and activated, under the voice call section, you will find a new option called ‘Time Elapsed’.

The newly added Time Elapsed section will show you how long have been in the call in HH:MM:SS format. It will be useful for some people to keep track of things like how long each call session lasts, etc. A handy little discord plugin to have.

Developer QWERT
Downloads 51,000

3. Spotify Controls

Spotify Controls

You might be already aware that you can connect and use your Spotify account on Discord. Well, if you have done the same already then this plugin is for you. How about controlling the audio playback right from Discord itself? This plugin lets you do exactly the same.

Upon adding and activating this discord plugin, you will now find a new Spotify Controls section within the server. It contains details like the song being played, singer, cover photo, and elapsed time as well. Furthermore, you can play/pause, go backward or forward with the built-in controls.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 44,000

4. Game Activity Toggle

Game Activity Toggle

This plugin simply adds a quick toggle game activity button to your account. You can use this very same option to Disable Game Activity instantly. Soon after adding this plugin, you will find a new gaming controller icon next to your name.

Clicking on it will bring the option to Disable Game Activity. If you ever want to disable game activity instantly then all you have to do is simply click on the button and you are all good to go, as simple as that.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 40,000

5. Google Translate Option

Google Translate Discord Plugin

Are you a part of an international Discord server with a different language? There might be times when we want to translate messages from one language to another. Normally, we open Google Translate and manually translate the content.

Well, with the help of the Google Translate Option Discord plugin, you can easily translate pretty much any messages right from Discord itself. This plugin supports both incoming and outgoing messages so if you want to send messages in some other language, the plugin got you covered.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 33,000

6. Send Large Messages

Send Large Messages on Discord

You might already know that Discord has a 2000 character message limit. To bypass this limit, you can use SendLargeMessages. This plugin will automatically split your messages into multiple messages and send it for you. This will come in handy when you want to send really long Discord messages.

Let’s suppose you want to send a message with 25000 characters, this plugin will accordingly split the message into multiple messages according to the character limit on Discord. No hassle for you in sending long messages.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 32,000

7. Creation Date

Creation Date

Creation Date Discord plugin will allow you to see details like when was the user account created. You can see the detail of pretty much any person in a server that you are part of. Once installed, the plugin will display the creation date of an account in the user popout and user model as well.

Just beneath the name, you will be able to find a new option called “Create on” and it will have information like both time and date. Time is given in HH:MM format and date in DD/MM/YYYY format. A simple little plugin for BetterDiscord.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 31,000

8. Read All Notifications Button

read all notifications button

Read All Notifications Button is a handy little plugin for Discord to instantly clear all notifications. If you are part of a huge number of servers, then all the notifications from every channel on different servers will make things cluttered. This is where this plugin comes into play.

Upon enabling this Discord plugin, it will add a clear button to the server list as well as a mentions popout. Clicking on the clear button from any of these two options will clear every notification instantly. You can download this plugin for BetterDiscord from the plugins library.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 28,000

9. BetterVolume

Better Volume

There might be situations where you want to set and adjust volumes of individual users instead of everyone. BetterVolume plugin for Discord will help you with that. Using this plugin, a volume slider will be made visible for every individual member part of the server and channel.

Set user volume values manually instead of using a limited slider. If you are in a voice conversation where a ton of people are participating, this plugin is definitely a lifesaver for you.

Developer Zerthox
Downloads 28,000

10. Better Role Colors

Better Role Colors

As the name itself suggests, this plugin will let you set the custom font colors for different server-based roles. The best part of using this plugin is that you can set custom colors for people based on their roles. It’s for sure that there will be multiple roles in a server. Now, you can set different colors for every single one of them.

The plugin includes colored typing, colored voice, color popouts and modals, and finally colored audit log as well. Every single bit of settings can be manually edited and assigned using the settings page of the plugin as well.

Developer Zerebos
Downloads 28,000

11. Hide Disabled Emojis

Hide Disabled Emojis

Discord comes with a really good collection of different emojis from different sections. At the same time, it also comes with some disabled emojis as well. Using this plugin, you can hide all disabled emojis easily. All those hidden emojis won’t be made visible at all.

This plugin will be extremely useful for non-nitro users. Definitely check out this plugin from the official repo.

Developer Zerebos
Downloads 25,000

12. Plugin Repo

plugin repo

If you were about to download a plugin from the BetterDiscord’s repo, you would have to manually do it. How about doing it within Discord itself. Plugin Repo plugin allows you to add various plugins from the official repo directly within Discord itself.

This means that you are not required to go to the store, download the JSON file and manually add it to the plugins folder. This particular plugin will automate everything making things simpler for you.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 23,000

13. Badges Everywhere

Badges Everywhere

The badges Everywhere plugin for Discord will display all the badges everywhere. Certain users will have different badges like Nitro, Hypesquad, etc. This plugin will highlight and show them in the chat and members list section. This way, you can easily find details like members using Discord Nitro, or members part of the Hypesquad, etc.

If you ever run into a situation where you want to know all the badges allotted to a user then this plugin is there to help. You can install this plugin and forget. It will show all the badges that a member has right next to their name in the chat section as well as the members list, too.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 21,000

14. Image Utilities

Image Utilities

Image Utilities is one of my personal favorite plugins because it adds various options to images and videos on Discord. Once you add the plugin to BetterDiscord, it will show options like Gallery, Download, Reverse Search, Zoom, Copy, etc.

Once installed, you can right-click on the image actions section and get a lot of options like open link, copy image, etc. If you handle and play with a lot of image and video files on Discord then give this plugin a shot.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 20,000

15. Permissions Viewer

Permission's Viewer

Permission’s Viewer is yet another useful Discord plugin for everyone. This plugin will allow you to see all users’ permission on the server from the popout itself. It will literally show all the permission that the user has on the server.

Furthermore, clicking on the context menu will bring up the modal which has a role-by-role breakdown as well. You can see things like all permissions including managing roles, managing channels, creating invites, etc.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 18,000

16. Translator

translator plugin

Translator Discord Plugin will be a perfect fit for you if you are part of some channels with an international audience. This plugin will help you to directly translate messages within Discord itself. This means you do not have to manually copy the message and use some other tool to get the translation done.

Developer DevilBro
Downloads 359,612

17. FreeEmojis

free emojis

Not everyone will have a Discord Nitro subscription, if this is the case and you want to send custom emojis then send them as links. FreeEmojis is a free Discord plugin that you can use to send emojis as links.

All you have to do is insert the javascript file and you can start using the plugin right away. Definitely checkout FreeEmojis

Developer BetterDiscord
Downloads 477,206

Final Words

These are some amazing Discord Plugins for BetterDiscord that you can directly download and start using right away. Plugins like the Spotify Player Controls come really handy when you want to control the song playback right from their server itself. I also liked Plugin Repo a lot as it reduces the efforts to download and install plugins on BetterDiscord.

I will be adding and updating the article with more plugins in the future. So make sure to check back later. and if you have any doubts regarding any plugins mentioned in the article, make sure to leave a comment as well.

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