8 Best FREE Movie Apps to Watch Movies Online – [Legal]

There are hundreds of quality platform for watching movies and TV shows online. Some are paid while some others are 100% FREE. In this article, you will find FREE Movie Apps that you can download and watch any Movie or TV Show for free. There are no restrictions at all and the best part is that you can watch English Movies, Bollywood and even some regional language movies. Not everyone can afford paid streaming services like NetFlix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. If you are one among them who doesn’t have hundreds of dollars to spend for these platforms each year then this is going to be a lifesaver for you.

After the long and hectic day, it is a perfect time chill in the evening and one of the best ways to do so is to watch your favorite TV Show or Movie. Especially if you are a die-hard movie fan then this list is something you cannot miss at any cost. All the apps mentioned in this article are safe, free and comes with optional paid plans, too. Usually, people use illegal methods like Torrents to download and watch movies, this is not good and you should not support piracy. The safe way is to download and watch movies through these movie apps legally.

free movie apps

Some apps on the list even let us download movies for offline viewing. Let’s say that you are going somewhere where there is no Internet connectivity then this feature comes in handy. Before leaving your place make sure you download and save it to your device and you are all good to go. You can watch the downloaded content for free without any restrictions. Now, let’s have a look at our ultimate list of Free Movie Apps that are Legal and safe to use.

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Free Movies Streaming Apps for Android

I will be listing apps that are available for Android. All these Apps are 100% or come with a freemium model of usage, you might have to pay for some specific features. The list is arranged in no particular order. If you want to watch more regional contents then I will suggest you go through every app as every app might won’t have regional movies or TV shows in them.

1. Sony Crackle

Crackle is one of the best Free Movie Android App from the house of Sony Entertainment. Now you might wonder if it is free? Well, yes, it is. Sony Crackle is 100% free with tons of Premium like options that you will never find on any other Free Apps like this. Starting with the user interface, everything is well developed and organized. The UI is neat and clean, you will not struggle to find contents like Movies or Series. Filters really come into play when you want to filter content according to your language, ratings or year.

crackle movie app for android

As the app is fully free, now you might think the app will be full of crappy ads, but NO, it’s not. Here’s is the twist, you won’t see a single ad in this app and that is a promise from Sony. In other Free Cinema Apps, you will find tons of ads for them to make money and the user experience will be bad however in Sony Crackly, you will not face any issues as such.

You can watch unlimited free movies, TV shows, and Originals, but the thing is that you cannot download or save on their device. But some other apps mentioned in this article has the support to save content for offline viewing.

Sony Crackle Features

  • No subscription needed
  • Free account with storage
  • Nice and Neat UI
  • Select from HQ to lower quality depending on your Internet speed
  • Huge collection of contents from Sony


2. Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a 100% Legal Android Movie App that comes with thousands of Movies and TV Shows that are absolutely free to watch. Similar to Sony Crackle, you don’t need any paid subscription to access the contents on this app. Tubi is known for adding new content like Films and TV Shows every week, so you will never run out of content. If you are already spending too much amount of money on the paid subscriptions of different media streaming services then it’s the perfect time to make the switch.

tubi tv movie app

Like some other applications, you won’t be asked to enter your Credit Card Details. They will never ask for the same. You will find content for every age group and different genres like Comedy, Horror, Drama, Thriller, etc. The library of Tubi tv is vast and there are some good shows that everyone can equally enjoy.

Tubi TV Features:

  • No Credit Card
  • No paid subscription required
  • Thousands of New and Old Movies and TV Shows
  • Good User Interface

Tubi TV

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3. Popcornflix

Popcornflix is available for a variety of platforms like Android, iOS, Play Station, Roku, Amazon Kindle, etc. This is a free movie that comes with some amazing content for free. Like other apps in the list, you will find tons of contents from different categories and all of them are well categorized and grouped. The interface of the app is really good and opening the app, you will be presented with a list of new movies added to Popcornflix and other content, too.

popcornflix movie app

Popcornflix even has some original shows named “Popcornflix Originals” and there also you will find some good quality content that is completely free to watch. Popcornflix is supported by Ads, which means you will be presented with ads in the app. Since the app is completely free it’s okay to have some ads and at the same time, they are not that intrusive either.

Popcornflix Features:

  • Hundreds of Movies already active on their library
  • New films added on a daily basis
  • Free
  • Popcormflix Originals – an exclusive series of shows from Popcornflix
  • No limits or restrictions


4. Vudu

Download the Vudu app to get access to the rich library of amazing Movies and TV shows in Vudu. If you check their Google Play Store, you can see “Buy, Rent or Watch Movies with No FEE”, meaning it is all free. One of the best parts that I like the mos is that you can watch contents that are in 4K UHD, with Dolby Vision HDR and Dolby Atmos audio on select devices quality and it feels so good. If you have a 4K compatible smartphone or tablet then the experience from the app is going to be next level.

vudu film app for android

No, do not need any subscription or sign contract to get access to the contents on Vudu. The app gets updated quite frequently with new TV Series and Movies. However, the App comes with Ads which is limited, so it won’t annoy you anyway.

Vudu Features:

  • Support for 4K UHD Contents
  • Supports Dolby Vision HDR for the best color output
  • Comes with Dolby Atmos
  • No subscription needed
  • Fully FREE
  • Limited number of Ads


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5. Terrarium TV

terrarium android app

Terrarium TV is another interesting free movie app for Android. This comes with thousands of movies, tv shows and series which are of high quality. The files in Terrarium are hosted on different cloud storage services and you can watch them for free from there. The UI of the app is nice and clean and comes with all the necessary features you will ever need. The best part of this app is that you can download movies and tv shows to your phone’s internal storage or SD Card and share it with others. There is only a limited number of apps that give us an option as this and we have it in Terrarium TV. If this app is blocked for you for any reason then make sure you use a VPN or Proxy site to bypass it.

Features of Terrarium TV:

  • 100% FREE
  • Ability to download movies to your internal storage
  • Thousands of quality Movies and Shows
  • Variable resolution

6. Pluto TV

pluto tv

If you are looking for a free movie streaming app that comes with a huge library of Hollywood movies then Pluto TV is a great option. The best thing about using Pluto TV is the fact that you are not required to sign up or add any credit card details in order to watch movies.

Just download Pluto TV from Google Play Store for your Android device or from App Store for your iOS device and you are all good to go.

Features of Pluto TV:

  • Huge library of movies
  • No signup
  • Download and play

Pluto TV – Android || iOS

7. Yidio

yidio app

Unlike other apps mentioned in the list, Yidio is a little bit different. The app does not host any movies on it’s own but aggregates a lot of movies from different movie streaming service providers like Netflix, Prime Videos, Hotstar, etc. The platforms available on the app include both free as well as paid. It’s for sure that you can find some amazing movies to watch for free on the Yidio app

Features of Yidio app:

  • Helps to find movies from different platforms
  • Free movies
  • Simple user interface

Yidio – Android || iOS

Final Words

These are some cool Free Movie Apps for Android. All the apps mentioned in this article are free and you can download it right now. A major portion of the apps discussed here can be found on the Google Play Store. If you also own an iOS device then apps like Popcornflix are available for iPhones and iPads, too. We will keep this article updated with new free movie apps frequently so keep on visiting.

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