Free Seedr Premium Accounts – Unlimited File Size Torrent Downloading

Get Free Seedr Premium Accounts and Download Torrent Files without any File size limit. Get High Download Speed with Seedr Premium Accounts.

Zbigz and Seedr are the two most used Torrent to IDM websites that will let you download any torrent file with any normal download managers like the Internet Download Manager or IDM. While using a torrent client, you may not get the fullest possible download speed with your Internet connection. Download speed in downloading a torrent file depends on a number of different factors like the number of people who already downloaded the file, the number of people who are seeding the file, etc.

Recently, I also shared a list of Premium Zbigz Account for those who are using Zbigz to download Torrent files with IDM. Both Zbigz and Seedr works flawlessly great. I prefer using Seedr over Zbigz because the free account on Seedr will let you download the maximum file size of 4.5GB by default. That’s not the case with Zbigz. The maximum free download limit for free users on Zbigz is somewhere around 1GB and download speed capping is another terrible issue. They will limit the download speed and it really increases the download speed.

free seedr premium accounts

Free Premium Seedr Accounts Username and Password

I will be sharing multiple methods to use Seedr premium accounts for free. At first, I will share some nifty little tricks that will help you to increase the storage space on your existing free Seedr account and after that, I will share the Accounts list.

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Increase Seedr Free Account Limit to 4.5GB

When you sign up for a free account in Seedr they will give you 1 GB free space to use. As you all know that is really low and the files that we will be downloading will be definitely more than 2GB for sure. In this case, we can increase the cloud storage space given by Seedr for free users up to 4.5GB. It’s really simple and little workaround can get you an additional 3.5GB space and you use to Stream Torrent Movies without downloading or even store some of your files and download it with a Download Manager without a Torrent client.

Step 1: Log in to your existing Seedr Account or if you do not already have an account then create a fresh new account on Seedr

Step 2: Once you are logged in to your Seedr account click on the three lines hamburger menu at the top right corner of the screen

seedr free premium accounts

Step 3: Now, you will see a bunch of different options there. Click on the option called “Earn Free Space”

Step 4: Now, you will be redirected to another page with lots of info on getting free cloud storage space in Seedr

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Step 5: Firstly, you will see three main options on the top. The first one is to share your review on Twitter, then on your personal blog (if any) and finally Pin Seedr’s image on Pinterest. We will do all of them one by one and let’s see how.

get free 5gb space on seedr free account

Doing each of these tasks will give you an additional 500MB of space and in total, you are getting around 1.5GB with this method alone.

Step 6: Click on Get Free Space button under the Twitter tab and it will open up a popup. At first, you need to follow the official Twitter handle of Seedr. Just click on the follow button and quickly follow them. Once you are done with following Seedr on Twitter next is to write a short review about Seedr on your Twitter handle. It’s really simple, click on the Tweet button from the second option in the popup.

get free 500mb on seedr

Enter your Twitter username in the box provided and click on the tick button and BOOM, you will be getting an additional 500MB of space.

seedr free accounts

Step 7: Click on the”Get Free Space” button under the personal blog tab and a new popup will appear. If you do not already have a personal blog then go to and create a simple blog. Now write a review about Seedr as a blog post with at least 50 (150+ great ) words and publish it there. Copy the published blog post URL and come back to Seedr. Paste the URL there and click on the submit button.

wordpress post getting free space

Seedr team will manually visit your blog post and once confirmed you will get your extra 500MB space there.

Step 8: Next is to pin Seedr’s image on your Pinterest account. Click on the third option from the list and it will open yet another popup. You will see an infographic by seedr there. Click on the popup and it will take you to Pinterest, just create a board and pin it there in your account. Come back to Seedr and enter the Board URL in the Popup and click on the submit button.

Wait until they manually verify your board and once done you will get your extra 500MB space. Now, in total, we got 1.5GB of space for free. Now, let’s see how to get another 2GB of space.

seedr free space

Step 9: Scroll down a little bit and you will find a refer and earn section there. Just copy your referral link from there and share it with your friends. You can refer to a maximum of 4 friends. When they create an account on Seedr you can additional 500MB space. When all your 4 friends create Seedr account you will get 4*500MB = 2GB extra space for free.

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Now, in total, we have 3*500 + 4*500 = 3.5GB of extra space. We already had a free 1GB space so now we have 4.5GB of total usable space left and that’s really great.

4.5gb space free on seedr

Premium Seedr Accounts Username and Password

Here are some usernames and passwords for Seedr Premium Account. If you want to download files up to 4.5GB then you can follow the first method. But if you want to download heavy files like 50GB, 100GB or above then you can use these accounts method here. Please be sure not to change the password of the accounts mentioned here and also do not delete other users’ files.

You can click on this link to go to a Pastebin page where you can find the actual username and password and use it right away. For some reason, we are not able to share it here publically.


These are some of the best methods to use Seedr Premium Accounts for free. You have two options there. The first one is to increase the cloud storage space on your existing Seedr account and the second one is to use other Seedr premium accounts to download files. You can make use of the first method if your file size is less than 5GB or if it is more than 5GB in size then you can go with the second option.

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