How to Unblur Course Hero Instantly for Free

Top working methods to access Course Hero content for free

If you do not have a premium Course Hero account, all the content like answers, documents, images, etc., will be blurred. This means you won’t be able to view the same without paying. But some workarounds will help you to unblur Course Hero documents and answers.

By following the methods given below, you can freely get access to Course Hero content. The best part here is that you are not required to pay anything.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right in.

unblur course hero

Unblur Course Hero for Free

Yes, you heard it right. There are some working methods to unblur Course Hero and view the content for free quickly. This includes both official as well as unofficial ways.

At first, let’s take a look at some official ways to access Course Hero content for free.

Upload Documents to Unblur Course Hero

Did you know that a cool option in Course Hero will let you unblur the content by uploading documents to the platform? This is the most used and official way to access any content from Course Hero for free easily.

So, here is how it works.

You need to have some original copies of the documents with you. This means the documents must be either created by you or you have copyright permission for it. If you have some documents like this that can be uploaded to Course Hero, you can get free unlocks. Free unlocks will help you unblur Course Hero content for free.

All you have to do is upload the document to Course Hero and wait for up to 3 days. Your document will be either approved or rejected. If approved, you will get free unlocks with it.

Basically, for uploading documents to Course Hero, as a token of appreciation, you are given free unlocks that can be used to access any content on the platform freely.

For every 10 approved submissions, you will get 5 free unlocks.

Unlur Course Hero

Note: Do keep in mind that the unlocks will expire after 30 days. Once approved, you have to use the unlock in the next 30 days or else it will get expired.

Upload Documents Here

Content Stats

If your uploaded document gets thumbs up or unlocks from other users, you get free unlocks.

You will get 1 free unlock for every 5 of your documents gets unlocked. In the same way, if you get 5 thumbs up for your documents, you will get yet another unlock.

Not just for uploading documents, you can get free unlock for thumbs up and unlocks as well.

Subscribe to Course Hero

An official and straightforward way to get free unlocks and tutor questions are to subscribe to one of Course Hero’s premium plans. With the Course Hero premium account, you can get access to documents instantly.

If you get a monthly subscription for Course Hero, it costs you $39.95/month. But if you subscribe for a longer period of time, you can get Course Hero for a considerably low amount. If you plan to use CourseHero quite often for the next few months or years, consider subscribing to long-term plans as it will help you save a lot of time.

  • $39.9/monthly
  • $19.95/monthly for three months (Upfront payment of $59.85)
  • $9.95/monthly for a year (Upfront payment of $119.40)

You can subscribe to any of the above-mentioned plans and unlock content on Course Hero instantly.

The Premier subscription gives you 30 unlocks every month and 40 tutor questions along with all textbooks and other materials. If you run out of unlocks or tutor questions, you can follow the other methods given below to get free unlocks in Course Hero.

Also, unused unlocks, or tutor questions won’t get carried over to the next month. This means you will only have strictly 30 unlocks and 40 tutor questions on every plan.

Refer Friends to Unblur Course Hero

Another official method to unblur course hero is to refer your friends to the platform. Course Hero comes with an attractive refer and earn program by which you can get 8 free tutor questions for every valid referral.

Additionally, your referred friend will also get a 20% off when they subscribe to any of Course Hero’s premium plans. So, the best way to freely unlock tutor questions on Course Hero is to refer your friends.

There is no limit on the number of people you can refer to Course Hero. For each referral, you get 8 free additional tutor questions. So, if you do 5 referrals every month, you get 40 tutor questions every month.

Rate and Review Content to Unlock Course Hero

Rating and reviewing documents or questions will give you free unlocks. So, here is how it works. Open any document or question of your choice. Once opened, you need to give a rating for it. Repeat the same process for 5 documents or questions, and you will get 1 free unlock.

Similarly, open a document and provide a genuine review and publish it. Repeat the same process for 5 documents, and you will get 1 free unlock.

By following the rate and review method given above, you can get 2 free unlocks easily. You can only do it a single time. Once you do all 5 reviews and ratings, you won’t get any unlocks for any reviews or ratings.

You can find more ways to freely access Course Hero on their website over at here.

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Inspect Element to Unblur Course Hero Documents

There is a trick by which you can unlock Course Hero content for free. Using inspect element feature of web browsers, we can change a small value in the source code and reveal the content or unblur it.

A lot of things have changed now, and many people are reporting this trick is not working anymore. But give it a shot and see if it works for you.

Open Course Hero and search for the document that you want to unblur.

Right-click anywhere on the screen and click on Inspect Elements.

Now a new tab will appear showing a lot of HTML codes. From here, find a div tag with ‘obscured’ or ‘hide’ parameter. You can use Ctrl + F to bring up the search box and search for it.

Once found, right-click on it and select Edit Attribute. Type none and hit enter to save it.

By now, the document should have been unblurred. It’s okay if it doesn’t work for you, as many people are not able to get it working. Seems like the Course Hero team have finally fixed this bug.

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Get Course Hero for Free

These are some unique ways to unblur Course Hero and access documents, questions, textbooks, etc. If you use all the methods mentioned above, you can get more than 70 to 80 unlocks, which will be more than enough for a regular student.

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