List of Torrent Trackers to Increase Download Speed [3x Boost]

If you are someone who downloads files using Torrent frequently then you might have heard about Torrent Trackers. If not, if you have ever searched for guides to increase torrent download speed, then it might have mentioned about Torrent Trackers.

List of best torrent trackers

Here, in this article, you will find a list of high quality and top-rated Torrent Trackers that will help you to increase the download speed by at least 3x. If you are not using any custom Torrent Trackers yet, then you will see a huge difference in the download speed for sure.

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Fastest Torrent Trackers to Increase Torrent Download Speed

If you don’t already know much about Torrent Trackers, let me just briefly explain what it is.

What is Torrent Trackers?

As you might already know, files you download via Torrent are not stored in a centralized server. For example, if you download a file from Google Drive, then you are saving the file from the centralized GDrive server. But that is not the case with Torrent. Torrent is a distributed network of peers and seeders. It is a peer-to-peer network. When you are downloading a file via Torrent, you are actually collecting tiny packets of data from thousands of people who have already downloaded the file.

Here, Torrent Trackers will help the Torrent Client software that you are using to find peers and collect data from them fastly. In simple terms, this is Torrent Trackers. If you still have doubts, you can find more about it to the end of the article.

List of Torrent Trackers

Below given is the list of some best Torrent trackers to use right now. Copy the torrent trackers from the list and follow the guide given below to learn how to add those to Torrent to increase download speed.



There are both private trackers as well as public trackers for that matter.

How to use Torrent Trackers to Increase Download Speed?

There are multiple torrent clients that a lot of users use to download torrent files. Some famous software is uTorrent and BitTorrent. No matter what client you are using, it will have an option to add trackers. Here in this example, I will show you how you can add Trackers to uTorrent client software. It should work with Windows, Mac, Android, Linux, or any other supported platforms.

1. First of all, open your torrent client

2. Click on the file that you are downloading and right click > Properties.

3. Go to trackers section and paste the copied trackers in the field provided.

Add torrent trackers in utorrent

4. Once done, press OK and you are all good to go.

We have successfully added new trackers and updated the same in the torrent client as well. The thing is that you will have to do this for every file you download. It cannot be universally applied to all future downloads. So, that’s a disadvantage here.

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Can Torrent Trackers Increase Download Speed?

You might be thinking if adding trackers will improve the download speed or not. In my case, I was able to achieve three times improved speed. Before adding the tracker, I was getting a download speed of around 2MB but soon after updating the file with trackers increased the download speed to 5.5MB per second and I was able to get a stable speed of 4.5MB to 5.5MB with only this.

Torrent files are not hosted anywhere. There are no centralized servers controlling the files. Every time you download the file, you are getting it from the original uploader and via people who have already downloaded the file. As there is no centralized server, it is not possible to delete any files by anyone.

If you were downloading files from a server like Dropbox or Google Drive, you will get the maximum speed that your Internet connection gives you. But when it comes to Torrent same is not the case. Even if you are having a 100Mbps connection, the download speed you get depends on the number of seeders and peers. The more the number of seeders you have, the higher will be download speed.

If you are not able to get good speed even after adding trackers then it is because there are little or no seeders seeding the file. In this case, it is not possible for us to obtain the file. In this case, you can try downloading torrent files with IDM

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