11 Free & Legal Movie Download Sites To Use

This article is a collection of more than 10+ different Legal sources to free download movies in HD Quality. It is really hard to find a reliable Movie Download Site in [year], and we are here with an ultimate list that you will ever need. All the film download sites mentioned in this article is 100% free and legal to use. You can find different qualities like 720p, 1080p, 4K, and even BluRay versions of some films on these sites.

Watching Movies is one of the best ways to keep you fresh and kill your free time. I am a Movie Addict and I do watch almost all the films that release in my native local language. Apart from that, I do also watch Hollywood, Bollywood, Tamil, etc movies in my free time. But finding a reliable source to download Movies legally for free was a pain. After doing a little bit of research, I came to know about some sites from where you can actually watch movies in high quality for free. The best part is that these sites will let you download the movie in a media format for offline use, too.

free movie download sites

There are multiple sources to download movies from. We have both Legal and Illegal sites, but we will be only talking about Legal sources to download movies. Please don’t visit those illegal sites and support piracy or be a part of it. Why visit these illegal sites when we already have some cool movie download sites which are 100% Legal and Safe. If you are ready to wait a little longer than illegal sites, then this article is a gem for you. I will leave links to all these sites down below and you can access it from there.

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I will be talking about a handful amount if different sites that you can start using right away and some other sites don’t even need signup or registration either.

1. The Internet Archive

internet archive movie download

Yes, you heard it right. The Internet Archive has a vast collection of different movies from a different genre. If you not already know, the Internet Archive or Wayback Machine is a website where you can find recent or changed versions of any website that is available on the Internet. The same site is also providing Movie collection in their library. Upon visiting the collection’s page, you will be presented with different genres to select from. Upon selecting the genre, it will display a number of different movies in that category. You can either watch the movie online or download it to your device.

download movie

You can either directly download the movie or download it using the Torrent system. Both the link are available within the movie download page and you can easily save it to your computer.

The Internet Archive

2. YouTube Movies

youtube movies

YouTube itself is a house for hundreds of thousands of movies. If you go to the youtube website’s sidebar you will find a dedicated option called Movies. This Movie section contains movies from every language and genre. I was really surprised to see the collection of movies that they had in offer. If you are a regular YouTube user then the movie page will be tailored according to the language of videos you watch and your interest.

YouTube comes with a lot of Free as well as Paid movies. If you are not able to find a movie of your choice in their library, then be sure to do a simple YouTube search with the “Movie Name + Full Movie” tag and sometimes you will find full-length movies uploaded by satellite partners or Film distributors itself.

YouTube Movies

3. Hotstar

hotstar moves

Whether it be Netflix or YouTube, they are more or less little inclined towards western content. If you are looking for some regional Indian and Hindi contents then Hotstar should be there in the top of your list. Hotstar is really famous for its TV Shows, Hotstar Originals, Sports, Movies and other video contents on the platform. It even has live TV Channels, too. The movie collection list of Hotstar is pretty huge and you can find thousands of movies in here,

The platform has both Indian as well as Hollywood movies and contents. You can watch Free movies as well as Paid, too. Unlike some other platforms, you can both stream the content online and download it in your device for offline use. After signing up for their service, you can use both their App as well as the Website version simultaneously on multiple devices from different locations. Hotstar is a perfect bet for everyone who is looking for some Indian and Regional content.

Hotstar Movies

4. Sony Crackle

sony crackle

Crackle is a famous online media streaming platform from Sony. It is available in lots of countries, but some countries have restrictions on accessing the contents due to license issues. You can find a lot of different content for the next movie. If you are someone who is not able to access Sony Crackle then you can try some Free VPNs to bypass the block and stream the contents.

Altogether Crackle is a one-stop platform for Series and Movies. Sony itself is having rights over a good number of movies and you can freely watch all those content in this platform. the only problem is that you ill be presented with some ads and commercials to keep their business running. It’s just a few seconds long intro ads and that’s it.

Sony Crackle

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5. Pluto TV

pluto tv movie download site

Opening up the site itself, the very first thing that you will notice is that it is very much similar to a standard TV layout. Pluto TV has a collection of more than 50+ different TV Channels and some exclusive shows in it. You can find channels from all categories like News, Entertainment, Tech, Sports, etc. Pluto TV is more content-rich in the US when compared to other locations. If you are some out of the United States, then it is best to use Pluto TV by using a VPN and connecting to a USA server.

You can freely access all these contents within the Pluto TV interface and the layout is just like a TV Channel. While watching TV programs, you will find pieces of information like Next Program, Previous Program, Current Program, etc in the info bar provided at the bottom of the screen.

Pluto TV

6. PopcornFlix


If you are looking for 100% free movie download websites then PopcornFlix is perfect for you. It has a huge collection of different movies that are free to watch and download. The interface is pretty simple and straight forward. No registration is required to access the content. Almost all the contents available on the platform are in High Quality and Audio is of great quality, too.

This free movie download site, PopcornFlix, is from the house of Screen Media Ventures, a media company based on the US. You can find full-length movies and other similar contents on the platform.


7. MoviesFoundOnline


MoviesFoundOnline works actively on hosting content based on the public domain. It has a collection of movies on the list and apart from movies, the site also has some cool TV Shows, series and documentaries that are 100% free to watch. It is a simple blog style website with no fancy stuff there. Everything is pretty simple and straight forward. You can search for your movie or show and start downloading it in a few clicks.

Don’t expect every single film to be on this list, but if you are looking for some informative public domain movies then the chances of finding it in this platform are definitely high.


8. Hulu


Hulu is a popular premium subscription-based online content streaming platform. It is very much similar to Netflix or Prime Videos. It is true that the majority of the contents are exclusively reserved for the premium members only, but still, you can access a wide variety of different movies and shows with the free account itself. This is the reason why opt to include Hulu in this list. But, it is basically a streaming service and you cannot really download movies from them. But streaming itself is great and why download it when it is freely available to watch online.

A region-based block is still in existence and Hulu might not be available everywhere. If you are someone from some region where Hulu is not working then I will strongly suggest that you use a VPN for the same. Hulu also has a dedicated Android and iOS apps apart from the desktop version.


9. Retrovision

free download movies

Retrovision comes with a collection of classic Movies and TV Shows that anyone can download or watch for free. The website is really organized and well categorized. You can find multiple categories to which movies are nicely added and they have also divided the movie section according to the genre. You will find movies from almost all genre including Drama, Comedy, Action, Adult, Sci-Fi, etc.

Once you visit their website, at first, you need to click on any particular category link to select a movie to watch according to your mood or personal preference. You can also click on the All button and then go through the entire collection of RetroVision


10. Kanopy

free download movies

Kanopy can let you freely stream thousands of movies right now. This is a public service from Kanopy in partnership with some leading libraries and universities to bring movies to your home. You can log in to Kanopy and start watching your favorite content. It has curated movies from different genres and you won’t struggle to find your favorite movies on the website. Everything is nicely organized and the User Interface of the website is also way better than some other website offering free movies to all.


11. Watch TCM

watch tcm

Watch TCM only makes sense if you already have some sort of cable or satellite TV subscription. Watch TCM is a free movie streaming platform where you can watch movies without paying anything. In order to log in and watch content on Watch TCM, it is a must that you need a cable TV subscription.

Watch TCM supports a number of cable TV providers like AT&T U-Verse, COX, Direct TV, Verizon, etc. Just connect your account and login to Watch TCM and enjoy all contents for free.

Watch TCM

Final Words

These are some cool websites to download movies for free and legally. All the websites and services mentioned above are 100% legal ad you can download the contents in HD high quality.

I will add more movie download sites when finding online and be sure to visit this page occasionally to see if a new site is added or not.

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