How to Download Paid Android Apps For Free – Android [5 Ways]

Paid Apps Free: Google Play Store have both paid as well as free apps. If you want to use a free app then you can simply download and install it on your device but, if you want to install a paid app, then you should pay little in order to install it. Here in this article, you will see How to try paid apps free. This trick will be very useful for you to try an app before actually buying it from the play store.

Everyone wish to test drive the app before purchasing it from the Store. Because we wanted to find whether the app is useful to us what are its defects, etc. So, it is always best to try the apps first before blindly buying it from the App Store. This article will show how you can download premium or paid apps for free and install, test drives those apps in your phone.

Paid Apps Free

Warning: This article shows you How to Download paid apps free, which is illegal. This trick is only meant for a trial use of the paid app. This article is for educational purpose only. We are not responsible if anything goes wrong. We respect every App developer and their hard work, so we always recommend you to buy the official version of from Google Play Store.

Download Paid Apps for Free – Android

This Tutorial is for just test driving a Paid Android App which does not have a demo option. Please be sure not to support piracy. If you really liked an app then buy it from the developer by paying them.

There are tons of market and website where you can download paid apps free. Today let us have look at the top Websites/Apps to Download Paid Android Apps for Free.

Why Download Paid APK for FREE?

There might be multiple reasons why one want to download the premium version of an App for free. Let’s say that you are interested to purchase an app from the Play Store but you are not quite sure if you will be benefited from the app. In this case, you can simply download the app from the sites/app mentioned below and do a quick test usage to see if it is really worth it. If you find that the the app is helpful to you then you can easily purchase the pro version from the Play Store.

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We need to download these paid apps free from third party websites. So make sure that you have enabled Third-Party Apps Installation in your device. If you haven’t already, then you can easily enable it by going Settings > Security and turn on Unknown Sources option, that’s it now you are all set to go.

So let’s start

1. Blackmart – Paid Apps Free

Blackmart is the most popular market to download almost any paid apps free which is available in the Google Play store. Blackmart allows you to download and install Paid apps on your device for free. Using Blackmart you can try any paid app. The user interface is just like Google Play’s, every app is categorized into sections and divisions which allow us to find our target apps very easily.


  Download Blackmart App for FREE



2. Mobogenie

Mobogenie is an App Market which comes in two different versions, one is the free one and the other one is a Pro version. A few months back it was available in the Google Play Store, but now not. Google removed this app from Play Store because of violating too many terms and conditions of the Play Store. You can download the Mobogenie app from their official website which is completely safe and secure.

Along with Android Apps, Mobogenie also has a vast collection of Free Musics, Free Movies, and Free Ebooks as well. The best part is that you can even download videos from YouTube directly to your mobile using Mobogenie. There are much more feature in Mobogenie, Download and explore it yourself.

  Download Mobogenie

3. 1Mobile Market

1Mobile Market is the vast ocean of Free as well as Paid apps. As Blackmart and Mobogenie, 1Mobile Market also let us download Paid apps free without paying anything. 1Mobile Market is available in the Google Play Store and anyone can download it. The app which is in Google Play Store has only limited features when compared to the other version which available on their official website.

The most powerful version of this App is available on their website for free download.  Once you download and install the upgraded version from their official website you can get rid of every restriction and start downloading any app to your device from 1Mobile Market.

  Download 1Mobile Market

4. GetAPK

GetAPK is the last on our list. GetAPK is one of the popular but hard to use App for downloading paid apps free. The user interface/UI of the app is not that good. First-time users may get confused while using this app. You may feel this app as a strange one when you use it for the first time. You can download almost any paid app from this.

Another interesting part of this app is that it has a list of older versions of a particular app as well. For example, if you want to degrade an app for some reason, then you can easily download the older version from the list available on the download page.

Simply search for an app which you want, click on the Get button and follow the onscreen instructions.

  Download Get APK

All the sites and apps mentioned above are working 100% fine and you can get any premium version of App for free. Similarly, you can also try some modded version of Apps to get all the premium features without even having the need to pay

Wrapping Up

So, these are the most popular Marketplace to download almost any Paid app for Free without paying anything. You can download and test-drive any app you like through these markets.

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Do remember this article is just for educational purpose only. Do it at your own risk.

Hope you guys enjoyed this article, Be sure to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or anywhere you like. Comment down below if you have any doubt or feedback to share with us.

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