Rythm Bot for Discord: How to Use & Everything You Should Know

Rythm is an amazing Discord Bot that lets you play music on your server. After you have added the Rythm bot to your server, you can use some commands to play songs from popular websites like YouTube, SoundCloud, etc right from the server itself. This means you are not required to leave the server in order to play a song, everything happens within the server itself.

In this article, we will see what is Rythm bot, how to use the Rythm bot to play music on Discord, and everything that you need to know about the bot as well. At the time of writing this article, Rythm bot is active on more than 16,000,000+ servers on Discord.

Rythm Bot

If you haven’t used any music bots for Discord yet, then here is a list of the best music bots that you can use on your Discord server.

What is Rythm Bot?

Rhythm is a bot for Discord that lets you play or stream music right from your Discord server itself. It supports a number of websites including YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, etc. The best part of using Rythm is that you are not required to leave the server in order to play a song.

Furthermore, there are some useful commands that make things so simple and easy. Now that you have some idea about the Rythm bot, let’s take a look at some highlighted features of the same.

Highlighted Features of Rythm Bot

Below given are some features that make Rythm bot my personal favourite when it comes to playing music on a Discord server:

  • Play Songs Directly – Rythm bot gives you the ability to play music from third-party websites like YouTube, SoundCloud, etc directly from the server itself. There are some commands that you need to use in order to play music on the server without leaving it.
  • Highly Customizable – Bythm lets you configure things like blacklisting certain channels, set up DJ rolls, prevent duplicates, change the prefix, change settings, etc.
  • Commands – The rythm bot comes with about 50 commands that you can use to control the bot. This includes the command to play songs, show the lyrics for the currently playing song, create a playlist, skip the currently playing track, etc.
  • Display Lyrics – Yes, you heard it right. Rythm bot comes with the option to show lyrics of the songs that you are playing or pretty much any song.

Now let’s see how to add rythm bot to our Discord server.

How to Add Rythm Bot to a Discord Server

First of all, make sure that you have the right to manage channel or administrative privilege on the channel that you are trying to add the bot to.

  • Head over to discord.com and click on the button that says use discord on your browser and log in to your account.
  • Click on this link and it will take you to the invitation page of rythm bot from where you can add the bot to your server.
Add Rythm Bot to Discord
Add Rythm Bot to Discord
  • It will ask you to select the server to which you want to add the bot to. You can select it from the drop-down list and click on the continue button to add Rythm Bot.
Select the server
Select the server
Credit: Rythm
  • Next, you have to grant administrative permission and then click on the authorize button.
Authorize permission
Credit: Rythm
  • Complete the verification and the rhythm board will be active on your discord server instantly.

We have successfully added Rythm bot to our server. Now let’s see some things that we can do with the help of Rythm bot like playing music, adding a playlist from YouTube, etc.

How to Play Songs with Rythm Bot

Let’s see how to play your first song with Rythm bot on Discord. It is really easy and let’s see how to do the same.

Step 1: Open the voice channel on which you want to play the song. (Do note that you can only play songs with Rythm on Voice channel and not on Text channels)

Step 2: Use the !summon command to add Rythm to that particular voice channel. Simply type !summon in the chatbox and hit enter.

Step 3: Now Rythm bot is active on the server. !play is the command that we need to use in order to play songs.

Just type !play followed by the song name or direct URL to the song.

Example: !play faded or !play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60ItHLz5WEA

Do note that Rythm won’t be able to play private playlists. It should be either public or unlisted.

Credit: Rythm

The playback will start instantly.

Step 4: If you want to pull search results for a query from youtube.com then use the !search SearchTerm command for the same.

You have successfully played a song on a voice channel using Rythm bot. You can add more songs to the queue so that the bot will play one song after the other until the playlist is finished.

Must Know Rythm Bot Commands

Here are some useful Rythm bot commands that will come handy when you use it on your server.


You can use this command to play a song on the server. Just mention the name of the song just after the !play Command. Refer to the example of the command to get a better idea. You may also use the direct links to the song as well.

Command – !play SongName or !play Song URL

The playback will start instantly. You may use links from YouTube, Twitch, SoundCloud, etc.


This Rythm Bot command will add the specified song to the top of the queue. Once the currently playing song is finished, the next song in the queue starts playing

Command: !playtop SongName or !playtop Song URL


You may use this command to directly search on YouTube from the server itself. It will show the top 10 results from YouTube for the specified query.

Command: !search SerachTerm

Find more Rythm Commands from the table below:

Rythm Bot Command Use
!playskip Skips the current song and plays the song you requested
!soundcloud Plays a song from SoundCloud with the given name/url
!nowplaying Shows what song Rythm is currently playing.
!grab Saves the current playing song to your Direct Messages.
!seek Seeks to a certain point in the current track
!rewind Rewinds by a certain amount of time in the current track
!forward Forwards by a certain amount of time in the current track
!replay Resets the progress of the current song.
!loop Toggles looping for the current playing song
!voteskip Votes to skip the current playing song.
!forceskip Skips the current playing song immediately
!pause Pauses the current playing track
!resume Resumes paused music
!lyrics Gets the lyrics of the current playing song
!disconnect Disconnects the bot from the voice channel it is in
!queue Shows the first page of the queue
!loopqueue Toggles looping for the whole queue
!move Moves a certain song to a chosen position in the queue
!skipto Skips to a certain position in the queue
!shuffle Shuffles the entire queue
!remove Removes a certain entry from the queue
!clear Clears the whole queue
!leavecleanup Removes absent user’s songs from the queue
!removedupes Removes duplicate songs from the queue
!settings Use the command format !settings to view more info about an option
Rythm Commands

You can find more detailed list of Rythm commands and slash commands here.

Final Words

Rythm bot is indeed one of the best music bots for Discord. It is super simple to use and comes with a ton of commands to make things easier for us. Definitely try Rythm if you are looking for a music bot for Discord. It comes with all the features one will need in a music bot.

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